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TV and Film Catering Surrey 


If you are looking for experts in TV and Film catering in Surrey, look no further than The Mobile Pizzeria for the best in creative and professional services. In the TV and Film industry, word travels quickly, especially about a catering company that is dedicated to serving even the most challenging film locations. Our pride at The Mobile Pizzeria lies in our unwavering commitment to quality in every aspect - from the inventive flair of our distinctive menus to our efficient organisation on shooting days. As specialists in TV and Film catering in Surrey, we provide flexible meal schedules that can easily adapt to unexpected changes in shooting timetables. Our premium pizza menus are designed to fuel high-pressure work settings across various industries, ensuring every member of your dedicated film crew is satisfied.


Expert TV and Film Catering Services in Surrey

We guarantee there’ll never be a dull moment on set with our expert TV and Film catering services in Surrey; offering authentic pizzas with our own creative twists unique to The Mobile Pizzeria. We cater to production companies in Surrey of all sizes, ensuring that cast and crew members are energised and focused throughout the day with delicious food available to them at all times. The Mobile Pizzeria's unwavering commitment to delivering delectable, top-tier food is consistently praised by all stakeholders. Our dedicated team ensures a dependable, adaptable service that smoothly fits into hectic film schedules. We expertly tailor our TV and Film catering services in Surrey to accommodate diverse production requirements, regardless of location or weather challenges.

Quality Catered Food On Location in Surrey

At The Mobile Pizzeria, we’ve always felt that the right catering option can have a dramatic effect on the overall atmosphere on any TV or film project. That’s why we work hard to create a fun and friendly dining experience for hardworking crews that deserve high-quality food in between takes. We’ve always prioritised building lasting relationships with our clients by maintaining a consistent team that understands their unique needs. This approach has earned us a stellar reputation and frequent recommendations to neighbouring production companies in search of top-notch craft catering. Our experienced catering industry experts are known for seamlessly integrating into bustling sets, delivering impeccable service from day one.

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