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film & tv location shoot catering

film & tv
location shoot

TV Crew Catering

The catering team have had the pleasure of catering on set, on location for both TV and film shoots. We've worked with the incredible production teams, cast, crew and all the many suppliers who make such productions a reality.

We are always proud to be asked to work for and alongside some of the most talented professionals in TV & Film both infront of the camera and behind.

Our mobile kitchen setups are ideal to offer various cuisine types, styles of dishes for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. We can offer Catering in harsher environments and remote locations compared to your bog standard caterer.

Our incredibly experienced team are built different and have worked in the middle of forests, on top of cliffs, and in the most remote areas of the UK. 

Often shoot catering can be last minute and have restrictive budgets and timescales etc put in place.


Call the team today to run through your brief or project so we can see how best to assist you.

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