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Film Set Catering

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

The Benefits Of Hiring A Food Truck

Film set catering is a critical aspect of any production, and the catering company you choose will help ensure your team has access to delicious, chef-inspired meals and snacks that keep them energised between long hours of filming.

We’re firm believers that having a catered meal available for your team makes a massive impact on the atmosphere of the whole set. A good quality catering solution will have your team feeling valued and looked after. After all, food is fuel, and can help keep the creative juices flowing all day long, when executed right. Your actors, grips, and production staff will stay energised between takes so they can continue making the magic happen, when the cameras start rolling.

As a mobile catering company with years of experience, serving some leading names in the industry, here’s our guide to choosing the best film set catering company that meets the needs and expectations of all cast and crew members, providing a polite, professional and personal catering service.

Experience in the industry

When it comes to the fast-paced nature of the filming industry, you’ll want to opt for a company that will hit the ground running, and bring years of established expertise, attention to detail and thorough planning. After all, it’s not what you know but who you know, and we’ve worked hard to build our glowing reputation as key players in the film catering industry.

Providing high-quality food, beverages, and service to cast, crew, artists and producers is instrumental in fostering a positive atmosphere on set. When catering for film production locations all over the country, our focused knowledge of the unique requirements of this industry has helped ensure all of our clients get the most out of their catering solution.

Flexible service

When it comes to serving quality food to a busy film set, there’s always going to be an array of individual requirements that need to be accommodated to. With numerous food intolerances, dietary preferences, and most importantly, allergens, a company that addresses these needs from the outset of catering plans should always be your go-to option.

Menus should be diverse in choice, and tailored to a range of tastes. Our team are all qualified and efficiently trained to provide the correct information when it comes to ingredients used and allergen information.

With more and more people turning to dairy-free and meat-free options, vegetarian and vegan options are incumbent of any comprehensive catering option. Choosing a company that provides something enjoyable for everyone, is an absolute must when searching for film catering options.

A dependable team

A professional service and great tasting food is non-existent without a dependable team of catering professionals and award-winning chefs working hard behind the scenes.

Our catering team is hand selected and made up of vibrant, accommodating and warm personalities that thrive in the busy and high-functioning setting of the filming industry. We’re confident that there’s no more dependable team of catering professionals to keep everything on set smooth-sailing.

The Mobile Pizzeria is constantly growing in determination and commendable reputation across the industry thanks to our innovative chefs, and incredibly accommodating front of house staff.

Our team couldn’t be more excited to be sharing their passion for food, and their talent for serving it, with such an exciting industry.

Fully equipped

A company that is fully equipped to serve food that is hot, fresh and avoids queuing, should be the ultimate goal when choosing a suitable catering solution for your production team.

Our wood fired pizza ovens are built-in to the convenience and adaptability of our quality made mobile pizza vans. This allows us to be able to easily and quickly set up in various filming locations, and move around on request.

Our catering service is always fully equipped, freshly stocked and delivered with a friendly, approachable demeanour, regardless of how chaotic a day of filming might feel.


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