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Reasons why we love catering for movie sets

Updated: May 26, 2023

catering for movie sets

Running a catering business is a multifaceted challenge - and not for the faint hearted, especially running a catering business that serves high-profile movie sets across the country. Although there’s always a new challenge to be met on set, we absolutely love our role for that specific reason. Whether it’s serving pizza on a set of an upcoming Netflix phenomena, or working behind the scenes for a Marvel classic, the reasons why we love catering for movie sets are ever-growing as we look to take on bigger filming projects; serving award-winning menus to hardworking crews.

After all, we started with a passion for fine Italian food, and this has always driven our catering services. We’re proud to say that this initial interest in fine cuisine has now fully transformed into a sought-after catering business that allows us to work with some truly special and talented people in the industry. There’s nothing we love more than making people’s day brighter with menus that we’ve put our all into, and seeing how a great catering service can impact the magic made on screen. So let’s get into it - here are all the reasons why we love catering for movie sets, TV projects and shoots of all genres!

Pizza makes for easy pleasing!

We believe that a love for pizza is innate within all of us. It’s one of the most universally loved cuisine options and has been recreated by cultures all over the world that have come to establish the traditional recipes that we continue to order to this day.

We’ve done our trip around Italy, picking up a few tips and tricks along the way and are certain that our pizza lives up to a top-tasting standard. We love the fact that pizza is an easy pleasing option for all, and gets people together. This is especially true when it comes to those fleeting moments between takes, where crew members get to sit back and relax. Trust us when we say, we’ve seen the eyes of some big stars light up when they see a catering van offering bespoke menus with options of all kinds.

We love developing menus with variety

Pizza comes in many different flavours and styles. This allows our award-winning chefs to get as creative as they like when it comes to channelling their passion for global cuisine into some truly incredible menus. Of course, we always ensure that the variety of options we offer cater to different tastes and dietary needs so that every crew member will look forward to their break as the next. Our menus are more than just pizza; they’re proof that we love what we do which we show through quality, consistency and creativity.

We love delivering a quick and efficient service

With our high-tech catering vans, we can guarantee that all of our menu options can be prepared, cooked, and served in no time, making it a great option for movie sets where time is of the essence. We love working behind the scenes from morning until after-hours and watching faces light up when they see some healthy, hot food is waiting for them at the beginning, middle or end of a particularly busy shoot day.

We love creating the right atmosphere

We’ve delivered a catering service to movie sets of all scales and sizes, and have come to learn the importance of atmosphere that can set the tone of a whole project. This can be impacted by a culmination of factors, but we’ve seen first hand how a top-notch catering service can really help bring the good vibes from the outset. If a crew turns up on set and finds a subpar service, with a team of people they’ve never met and with little time to explain their specific preferences - there’ll be a lot of hangry individuals on set.

On the other hand, Providing great food on set, delivered by an experienced catering company that fits seamlessly into the schedule, can be a great way to boost morale among the cast and crew. We like to think that our friendly and knowledgeable staff, as well as flavour-filled menu options can help create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for any and everyone behind the scenes.

We love being part of the movie magic

It goes without saying that there’s no more exciting industry to be a part of than TV and film. From the different locations, elaborate set designs and shining personalities, everyday brings something new and exciting. However what does stay the same is the consistency of our catering services, which we’ve established over years of hard work and industry experience. As people passionate about food, and serving food for others to enjoy - especially those as talented and hardworking as film crews - we can’t wait to see what the world of TV and Film has in store for us as we continue to grow our high-profile clientele!

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