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Adding a Slice of Perfection to Your Events with Wood Fired Pizza Catering

Magic of Our Production Catering Services

There’s no better crowd pleaser than a hot slice of delicious wood fired pizza. We at The Mobile Pizzeria are passionate about all things food, but even more passionate about providing a top catering experience that will leave a lasting impression. So why not switch things up for your upcoming event, and trust our team to provide a charming, fun and friendly catering option for your guests. We bring our unparalleled passion for the job, as well as experience catering for events of all kinds.

The Wood Fired Experience

The Mobile Pizzeria brings wood fired catering to all new meanings, where our vibrant catering vans make for the perfect spectacle at your event. We set up in any location you desire, and pride ourselves on the flexibility of our service provided. Overall, we look to bring a whole experience for your guests to enjoy. From the friendly and knowledgeable people who craft our stunning wood fired pizza menus, right til the seamless clear up once the event has finished.

Flavours Customised For You

What sets wood fired pizza catering apart is the variety of flavours that our chefs have curated, catering to a range of tastes. The Mobile Pizzeria takes customisation to a whole new level, allowing your guests to choose their favourite pizzas from an array of handpicked, fresh ingredients. From classic Margaritas to meaty combinations like prosciutto and pepperoni, the options are as limitless as your imagination.

Fast and Flavorful, Pizzas in Minutes!

Wood-fired ovens are known for their ability to cook pizzas at lightning speed, which is why we use them for our top-standard catering business. The ovens ensure a crispy, yet tender, crust which is a must for any pizza-lover. At The Mobile Pizzeria, your guests won't have to wait to try their favourite pizzas as our service is fast as it is fresh. We’re the perfect option to fit seamlessly into the schedule of your packed-out event, however we never compromise on quality in the process of quick delivery of service. You can ensure only the very freshest ingredients for our pizza menus.

We Can Be Versatile

Whether you're hosting a wedding celebration, a corporate gathering, a birthday bash, or a festival, The Mobile Pizzeria is equipped to add a slice of perfection to your event. Its portable setup and skilled chefs can cater to various guest sizes, making sure that no craving goes unfulfilled.

Why Choose The Mobile Pizzeria?

The Mobile Pizzeria isn't just about making pizzas; it's about bringing wood-fired cooking and its incredible taste to the masses. Our skilled chefs bring years of experience to every event, ensuring that each pizza is as delicious and high-quality as the next. We see dining as an experience, and we make it an unforgettable one.

Your event is unique, and so are your guests' preferences. With our customisable menu options, everyone gets to savour the flavours they love. Not only this, we take care of all the details, so you can enjoy your event without any worries. From setup to serving, our team ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for you and your guests so that you can relax and focus on the important stuff.

When it comes to creating memorable events, every detail matters. The Mobile Pizzeria brings the magic of wood fired pizza catering to any event, promising an authentic and flavorful experience that your guests will cherish. From the sizzle of the wood-fired oven to the helpful input of our staff, it's time to add a slice of perfection to your events with The Mobile Pizzeria. Contact The Mobile Pizzeria today to make your next event a standout moment for all guests.


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