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Mobile Event Catering

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If you are looking for expert mobile event catering, look no further than The Mobile Pizzeria for a broad range of culinary delights for your special event. Mobile event catering, whether for a wedding, corporate event, christening, birthday or anniversary party, have been the popular go-to choice for a while, and with good reason. The combination of hassle-free, sociable dining, excellent food, satisfied guests and photographic moments makes mobile event catering a must-do for your next occasion.


Experts In Mobile Event Catering Services

Our impressive Land Rover Defender mobile catering units are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to build, create and cook delicious, fresh, made-to-order food at the event. At The Mobile Pizzeria, we are a family-run business with years of culinary experience and a visionary approach to cooking and devising menus with a focus on hassle-free food catering. So whether you want the visual impact of our incredibly photographic Land Rover Defender Pizza Oven, a sociable feasting platter or grazing boards, canapes, and internationally inspired cuisine such as Mediterranean, Asian or Caribbean influences as well as home-made mouth watering desserts, our variety and specialist approach to mobile event catering is incomparable.


Why Choose Our Mobile Event Catering Services?

With competitive rates, a focus on customer satisfaction, and guaranteed delicious results, our team at The Mobile Pizzeria is experienced, skilled, friendly and focused on best practice results, happy customers and delivering outstanding food. From canapes to grazing platters, skewers, gyoza, pizza, BBQ, appetisers, sides and desserts, our wide range also includes fantastic gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options. Our highly-professional, seasoned team understands the importance of food. So, whether your event is big or small, traditional, modern, indoor, or outdoor, in a castle, a hotel, a barn, a house, a garden or on a farm, our tailored approach to your event means you get a customised service that suits your particular requirements.

If you would like to learn more about our mobile event catering services, contact us today!

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