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Craft Services for Film

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If you are looking for experts in craft catering services for film shoots, look no further than The Mobile Pizzeria for the best in creative and professional services. Our portfolio includes some of the top names in the industry, which is down to a culmination of our team’s hard work ethic, our beautifully-crafted menus, and of course, our premium tasting pizzas! There’s nothing we love more, than seeing the happy faces of guests as they indulge on our assorted pizza menu. We offer traditional recipes, as well as some surprises to keep things fresh and fun for your event. Whatever setting you’re looking to hire our craft catering services for film for, whether it be film and TV location shoots, weddings, parties or corporate events, we’re always up for the challenge!


Specialists in Craft Catering for Film

The Mobile Pizzeria are specialists in craft catering services for film and TV. We understand your needs when it comes to finding an adequate catering solution that keeps everybody happy. With years of experience as top-ranking craft caterers, serving a vast range of filming projects in locations all over the country, there’s really no limit to the abilities of our service. The Mobile Pizzeria ’s journey started with a handful of chefs, passionate about creating pizza recipes that would make us stand out from the crowd. After years of hard work to grow the business, we’re now a renowned name within the industry. As specialists in craft catering, we’re well equipped to take on your catering requirements. Turn your film set into a pizza party with The Mobile Pizzeria’s specialist craft catering for film and TV.

Why Choose our Craft catering services for film?

When it comes to feeding whole film sets, we mean it when we say that we’ve seen and done it all. We’re thoroughly proud of the craft catering service that we’ve worked hard to establish, which is down to a culmination of the hard graft and innovative craft of our professional team of chefs and caterers. With The Mobile Pizzeria ’s expert craft catering services for film sets, there really is no better way to keep your crew fuelled up for a long day of filming. 

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