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Craft Catering

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If you are looking for experts in craft catering, look no further than The Mobile Pizzeria for the best in creative and professional services. Our portfolio includes some of the top names in the industry, which is down to a culmination of our team’s hard work ethic, our beautifully-crafted menus, and of course, our premium tasting pizzas! We offer a range of recipes, throwing in some traditional favourites along the way. Where possible, we locally source our ingredients to ensure fresh flavours all round. Whatever setting you’re looking to hire our craft catering service for, whether it be film and TV location shoots, weddings, parties or corporate events, our team of professional caterers are prepped and ready to take on any challenge. 


Specialists in Craft Catering

The Mobile Pizzeria are specialists in craft Catering. We understand your needs for sustainable, flavourful pizza that can keep people sufficiently fulfilled, all day long. With years of experience as top-ranking craft caterers, there’s really no limit to the abilities of our catering service. The Mobile Pizzeria ’s journey started with a handful of chefs, passionate about creating beautiful, and authentic pizza recipes. 

Why Choose our Craft Catering Service?

What’s a party without pizza? Or a work event without a savvy catering option to break the ice? We’ve served pizza at events of all types. Our specialist craft catering service is proudly delivered by a team of professionals as passionate about pizza, and good-tasting food as you are!  Make your event one to remember, with The Mobile Pizzeria ’s expert craft catering service. 

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