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Catering For Movie Sets


If you are looking for experts in catering for movie sets, look no further than The Mobile Pizzeria for the best in creative and professional services. A professional catering company that is experienced in working with TV and film productions understands the importance of being flexible and adaptable to changing schedules and last-minute requests. When it comes to a reliable craft catering service, The Mobile Pizzeria guarantees a professional and proactive service that is tailored to the needs of your busy film crew. We thrive best when set the challenge to fuel high-pressure working environments such as the filming industry, and we can guarantee our stunning woodfired pizza and vibrant food menus are bound to be a hit with any work crew!


Expert Catering For Movie Sets 

The Mobile Pizzeria specialise in expert catering for movie sets. We bring an unrivalled level of in-depth catering knowledge to every job we take on, and set the bar on quality across all of our bespoke catering options. As a well established craft catering company, the ability of our highly-capable, and enthusiastic team sets us apart from the rest. We go above and beyond to provide a reliable, and flexible service that fits seamlessly into the staggered schedule on set, with no questions asked. When it comes to craft services, we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to your film shoot, however remote the location or temperamental the weather is on the day. Give your crew the catering option they deserve, with a divine taste of Italy. 

Reasons To Choose Our Catering For Movie Sets

At The Mobile Pizzeria, we take pride in our craft catering service and have a dedicated and reliable team of catering enthusiasts who contribute to our reputation as a dependable craft catering company. We understand the nature of the industry means that productions often have tight schedules and deadlines, which can make it challenging to find a reliable and efficient catering service. So, when a catering company consistently delivers top-standard services such as The Mobile Pizzeria has, it’s no wonder we’ve quickly gained a reputation as a trustable option. 

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