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Buffet Catering

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If you are looking for delicious and impressive buffet catering for your event, our team of expert chefs can create an innovative menu to suit your needs. Buffet catering is the most obvious choice for special occasions; it promotes crowd movement and sociability. There is no end of options and themes to pick for the food, ensuring all guests with special dietary requirements are considered, and portions can be controlled by the individuals (with room for seconds).


Specialists In Buffet Catering Services

If you are debating a sit-down, 3-course dinner versus buffet-style dining at your next event, our team at The Mobile Pizzeria have proudly proven why buffet catering wins every time.

Whether your style is elegant or rustic, traditional or unique, our chefs can collaborate with you to create a buffet that ncorporates a theme, a variety of dishes, allergen concerns, options and a balance of dishes.

We have years of experience devising menus that work. We aim to ensure our customers are pleased with the food and that the guests leave satisfied and talking about the event for years to come. 

Reasons To Choose Our Buffet Catering Services

Our highly-professional, seasoned team of chefs and project managers understand the importance of food at events. The truth is that guests look forward to the dining experience, whether a big corporate function, a wedding, an anniversary or birthday party or a significant local event, buffet catering suits all occasions. We are happy to create a menu for you to approve or work together to ensure you get precisely what you want. With buffet menus, including Italian, Greek, Jamaican, BBQ, Asian, Middle Eastern and more, we can develop buffets that treat your guests. We offer BBQ pulled pork, Moroccan lamb tagine, a variety of canapes, anti pasti grazing platters, salads, pizzas, gyoza and teriyaki skewers; in addition to refreshing lemon possets, gooey brownies, fresh fruit tarts, and so much more, our customers have complete peace of mind that their party is in safe hands. 


If you would like to know more about our creative and delectable range of buffet catering options, contact us today!

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