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Why hire our mobile pizza van for your special occasion or corporate event?

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Back in 1962, a French chap named Jean Martin from sunny Marseille had a lightbulb moment that would, unbeknownst to him, change the mobile food world forever. Tired of the crust drought in his city that was denying his people from enjoying some truly doughy pizza goodness, Martin hurled his wood-burning oven onto a trailer, attached it to a pickup van and never looked back.

Fast forward over half a century, his legacy is visible across the world, where food truck culture is more respected than ever. Pizza trucks sit at the very top of the mobile-food favourites list, satisfying road-side snack searchers, festival-goer feasters and pizza party enthusiasts everywhere.

As a family-run business, we’re proud to be part of the passionate and innovative mobile food culture. Serving the pizza-loving community is what we love to do, and filling the air with the smell of our premium charred-crust pizzas at birthdays and events, up and down the country, is what we know best. Just like the streets of Marseille in the 60’s, people everywhere are going crazy for our delicious pizzas, served from our cool and cosy mobile pizza van that can be parked on your patio, or propped up at your office do. But with countless options out there, we understand you might need some more convincing.

Quality ingredients for quality pizzas

The proof’s in our pizza! As passionate pizza lovers, we gained authentic inspiration and a flavour for la dolce vita, whilst on our grand tour around beautiful Italy. We’ve done our research, and know a damn-good pizza when we taste one.

We believe quality taste starts with quality ingredients that are fresh, vibrant and thoughtfully selected. We’re dedicated to sourcing the finest quality ingredients that will have you al bacio-ing the air after the first bite.

With tomatoes as sweet and zingy as if they had just been picked from the volcanic plains of Mount Vesuvius, and crusts as fine and crispy as if handcrafted by Neopolitan locals themselves, we can’t promise things won’t get a little rowdy as your guests battle it out on the dancefloor for the last slice! Celebrate your birthday or any occasion with authentic-quality pizza that is 100% fresh, and 100% made with love.

Feeds the whole cast and crew!

Since their ancient flatbread form, the idea behind the pizza had always been to ‘serve the many’, and to serve them fast. Just ask the ancient Egyptians, Romans AND the Greeks.

And who are we to argue with tradition?

We absolutely love a challenge, especially when it comes to serving a busy Film and TV Production Team. We can’t get enough of the excitement of working on set. We’ve travelled to some truly breathtaking locations to help feed production teams all over the country with our delicious pizza.

We’ve made our mark in the exciting world of TV and Film, where news always travels fast, and secured ourselves as one of the go-to mobile catering services. We understand the demanding nature of this industry, and provide an easy and flexible service to ensure every member of a hardworking cast and crew will be fuelled throughout the day. At Mobile Pizzeria, we work hard to ensure a solid level of professionalism is kept at any catered event. Our fabulous catering team is passionate about delivering a hassle-free, non-disruptive service to make the day on set run as smoothly as possible. If you’re in charge of feeding a hangry cast and crew, then look no further!

A corporate crowd pleaser

We mean business and believe that creating the right atmosphere is the most important, and most challenging element of any corporate event. Things can take a while to warm up.

Cue: Our Mobile Pizza Van.

Nothing will get your colleagues talking like a truck load of deliciously hot pizza, which has always been a crowd pleaser at the most formal of occasions! We love pizza for its inherent ability to bring people together, and we’re sure it’s the secret weapon to any successful networking event.

We like to keep good connections, and our professional service always keeps clients coming back. Our impressive roster of clients include top charities and high-profile corporate businesses in the UK.

Unlike an agency, our mobile pizza van adds a personal element to your corporate event where people will see the high-standard of your business, reflected in the efficient quality of your chosen mobile pizza van. Whatever the brief, we’re up for the challenge and ready to get to work however big or small your event is.

A wedding winner

Whether you have a taste for tradition, or like to keep things simple, our mobile pizza van is the perfect way to make any wedding day unique.

The personal feel of our pizza van, and our tight-knit catering staff is the perfect way to feed your loved ones on your special day. With months, even years of planning everything down to the detail, it’s easy to forget how to relax on your own wedding day. That’s where we come in, to provide a hassle-free and relaxed catering service that is sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

Whether you want us serving slices at your dream barn wedding, or a small ceremony in your back garden, we’d be delighted to be part of your wedding day. We love to provide a service that’s memorable, and flexible to your needs.

Convenient for everyone

Just like Jean Martin did, we like to keep everyone’s need for pizza at the forefront of our catering service. Our mobile pizza van is filled with ingredients to satisfy any tastes, or dietary requirements you, or your guests may have. We also cater for veggies and vegans to ensure all your guests get a taste of the good stuff. Whether they’re a four-cheese fanatic, a hearty meat lover or like to keep things classic, simple and tomatoey, we serve pizza to tickle the taste buds of all your hungry party people.

Our mobile pizza van caters to small and large events

Having been in the business for some time, we know what efficient, well-rounded catering looks like. It hasn’t always been this way. Starting small, we’ve grown our business over the years and learned lessons of how to better our services along the way. We’re proud to say that we’ve done it all, from birthdays to weddings, and feeding whole film sets of hangry crew members! You name it - we’ve done it. So you’ll be in good hands as we’ll come up with an affordable, flexible catering solution that suits you and the needs of your guests.

The best way to cater your events

We’re not sure whether people have visited London’s East End too many times, or seen Jon Favreau’s iconic food truck fix up in ‘Chef’, but mobile food vans are all the craze right now. Not only does our mobile pizza van add an effortlessly cool vibe to any gathering, but is without a doubt the easiest, most efficient way of ensuring none of your guests go hungry. We love the hustle and bustle our mobile pizza van brings to any occasion. After all, is there anything better than getting all your friends together in one place, reminiscing on old times over a delicious slice of rustic pizza as your favourite tunes play in the background. It’s all about the simple things in life, eh?


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